Justin Fabus, Dylan Kanner, Yaki Margulies, The Adobe Collective

Justin Fabus

Dylan Kanner

Yaki Margulies

The Adobe Collective

Thursday, August 29

Doors: 7:45 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

  • Justin Fabus - 8:15
  • Dylan Kanner - 9:00 
  • Yaki Margulies - 9:45
  • The Adobe Collective - 10:45

Justin Fabus
Justin Fabus
Known for its towering steel factories, ironclad work ethic, and hometown pride, Pittsburgh serves as the perfect backdrop for country music. It was only a matter of time before City of Bridges gave the genre a new voice. Meet Justin Fabus. Capturing country spirit with soul and style, the singer and songwriter shares thirteen honest and heartfelt anthems on his 2018 independent full-length debut, Remedy.
“To me, country is all about songwriting,” he exclaims. “It’s hard-working. It’s blue-collar. That’s Pittsburgh in a nutshell. I write what I live. When I sing my songs, I feel them, and I mean them.”
As a result of that dedication, he’s quietly built a growing fan base since first arriving in 2013. Collecting his Save Me and self-titled EPs into one release, 2016’s Justin Fabus bowed at #3 on iTunes Top Country Albums chart upon arrival. Between headlining countless shows and sharing bills alongside the likes of Gary Allan, Randy Houser, and Craig Campbell, he lit up the stage at the 2017 CMA Music Festival as a touted “Emerging Artist.” Along the way, he attracted critical acclaim and landed looks from AXS, The Boot, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and more.
When it came time to begin recording Remedy, Justin decided to switch up his process and welcome songwriting collaborators such as Joe Henry [Frank Sinatra, John Denver, Garth Brooks] and Tony Lucca of The Voice into the fold. Recording with producer Matt Very at Very Tight Recordings in Pittsburgh, he bucked the usual trend of utilizing studio musicians and would be backed by his live band—Miguel Garcia [lead guitar], Owen Dougan-Bacha [drums], and Ryan Yingst [bass].
Capitalizing on intense chemistry, they tracked the entire album in only three weeks.
“Everybody was gelling in the studio,” he goes on. “I wanted to take my guys in the studio so we could preserve the sound. We got it done and got it out. The vibes are definitely there.”
He introduces the album with the title track and first single “Remedy.” Over a bluesy twang, glistening piano, and a simmering rhythm, his expansive delivery takes hold as he croons, “Come on baby, let me be your remedy.”
“It’s about wanting to fix another person,” he explains. “At the time, I was seeing someone. She had just gotten out of a really terrible relationship where this guy broke her down. If somebody has been hurt, they expect everybody to hurt them. On the other side, it’s like I was already in a hole trying to climb out. I think everybody has been in that situation.”
A charged-up rock riff punctuated by organ fuels the fiery “Understand.” Co-written with Henry, it remains both urgent and undeniably personal.
“When we were in the studio, Joe asked me about what was going on in my personal life,” he recalls. “My mom had just gotten diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She was in the middle of treatment, but she didn’t want me to take any time off from my career. I was thinking about all of that. It discusses how we all have the same problems and we should understand that. We’re in this together.”
Elsewhere, the rip-roaring guitar of “Pick Me Up” details “how strong a woman’s hold on you can be.” Meanwhile, he tapped Lucca’s talents on “Come Around.” Driven by a propulsive backbeat, the song tells another relatable tale.
“We wrote about a situation where you’re waiting around for this person to come around,” he goes on. “We’ve all been there—you’re just hoping someone will change.”
In the end, Pittsburgh and country have got a new hometown hero.
“When I hear a certain song, it takes me back to a moment,” he leaves off. “That’s why I became a songwriter. It’s why I love country. I hope can contribute a soundtrack to people’s lives.”
Dylan Kanner
Dylan Kanner
Dylan Kanner is a singer-songwriter from Orange, California. His music tends to be lyrically driven, folk inspired, indie-rock. At times he incorporates jazz-like harmonies and a-typical song construction, and at other the music is more simple and sweet. He is interested in incorporating new instruments reinterpreting his music to fit to new ensembles. He will be accompanied by cellist Bella Pepke, fellow singer-songwriter Grace Freeman, and flamenco guitarist Eddie Martinez.
Yaki Margulies
Yaki Margulies
Yaki Margulies is a singer/songwriter (and comedian & actor) from Seattle, Washington, now living in Los Angeles. Born into a very musical extended family and raised on the albums of The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, James Taylor, and Billy Joel, Yaki's music is shaped by great rock, pop, and folk acts of the past, as well as some more modern artists. Some of his bigger musical influences at the moment include Warren Zevon, The Pixies, Mitski, and Paul McCartney. Combining poetic lyrics with eccentric, melody-focused chord progressions, Yaki released his debut EP earlier this year, "Paying In Prophecies," which can be found through most major online distributors. Usually playing solo guitar or piano live, Yaki will be accompanied at The Mint by a small band of talented friends.
The Adobe Collective
The Adobe Collective
The Adobe Collective effortlessly embody what is rapidly becoming known as the “high desert sound”. Based in Joshua Tree, CA their surroundings reflect a kind of no-frills authenticity that is baked into their music - cosmic desert americana with flashes of psychedelia, country, and indie rock. At times hard hitting, at other times heartfelt and tender, rather than stick to a ready-made musical template, they let the rhythms of the California desert guide their creative path.
Founded in 2011 by husband and wife duo Tim & Faith Chinnock at their 1937 historic adobe house just minutes from the entrance to Joshua Tree Park, the current lineup includes drummer Tyler Saraca, guitarist Chris Unck, and bassist Caleb Winn.
Working out of Unck’s High Lonesome Studio, their third full length album All The Space That There Is (release date October 2019), a self produced effort, was crafted in an un-rushed process through stream of consciousness musings from the past and present. It was this varied blend of melodic craftsmanship and quality lyrical content that turned heads on the group’s previous album Take Heart, Take Care, which was nominated for Best Unsigned Album by Coachella Valley Weekly and netted a high profile nod from USA Today who listed it as one of the “Top 20 Albums to Discover the High Desert Sound.”
Venue Information:
The Mint
6010 West Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA, 90035