James Ian, Random Lama, Eli Pafumi, Mars Rodriguez

James Ian

Random Lama

Eli Pafumi

Mars Rodriguez

Tuesday, April 23

Doors: 7:15 pm / Show: 7:45 pm


This event is 21 and over

  • Eli Pafumi - 7:45
  • James Ian - 8:30
  • Random Lama - 9:15
  • Mars Rodriguez - 10:20 

James Ian
James Ian
Soul Artist James Ian is an R&B singer, songwriter, composer whose music melts his listeners with the quiet intensity of his voice and lyrics. Never loud, never vulgar, the power in his music comes from the sheer depths of his emotion, brought forth with penetrating poignant lyrics and a voice of honesty and unabashed sincerity.
Yet remarkably this powerful performer has a muscular disability – Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 3 – that sometimes makes it difficult for him even to lift his own guitar. Nonetheless, he is indeed a heavy lifter, a true superman, when it comes to lifting people's spirits! Listening to his music, people's spirits soar as high as a mountain. For his Muscle is in the Music, and all his labor goes into it. It is a Labor of Love, the title of his latest EP.
Always uplifting and inspirational, his songs capture the spirit of a man who wants to live every moment of life, giving brutal honesty and immediacy to his music. Never letting precious moments pass without due respect, he absorbs every moment, every feeling with fascination, curiosity, and soulful deliberation, all of which spill lusciously into his voice, lyrics and every musical instrument he plays.
Inspired by the R&B hit makers like James Brown, Al Green, Lenny Kravitz, Maxwell, John Legend, and John Mayer, James has created a style of music that mesmerizes audiences. A fan favorite at music festivals and local bars along the west coast as he performs back and forth between San Diego and Los Angeles, James is establishing himself as the future of his genre.
Listen to James Ian's Labor of Love – a remarkable collection of songs about life and love that were all written, arranged, sung and recorded by him and for which he played all the instruments – and you'll discover a soul-stirring phenomenon driven by a life-long determination to face and conquer challenges with humor and perseverance.
Indie label 8412 Music will be releasing his debut album, The Labor of Love, later this year.
Random Lama
Random Lama
Random Lama is Justin Raudebush, a Wisconsin born musician. Self-taught guitar, and singer. Random Lama began performing live in 2004, and has since played hundreds of shows all over the country soulfully singing acoustic arrangements of original compositions.
The Random Lama name was a result of a joke between friends. It has come to reflect the lifestyle of assorted experiences.
Eli Pafumi
Eli Pafumi
Eli Pafumi is a Denver-based touring musician, singer-songwriter and teacher. Each year brings new discoveries and Eli's motivation to create is unwavering. His love of old school rock and worldly folk paired with his continuous exploration of composers, new instruments and upcoming songwriters has allowed Eli to become a musician with a unique voice of his own, poised to move to the next level. Eli is a three time Bernard/Ebb Songwriting Awards finalist, a TEDxHerndon speaker and composer for live theatre. His theatrical work has been done at The Hub Theatre and Shippensberg University. Eli’s debut album Finding North released in February 2016. 2019 saw the release of his debut LP Savta’s Garden, partnering with brother Jere Pafumi to form the recording project RitaRita.
Mars Rodriguez
Mars Rodriguez
MARS RODRIGUEZ is a nicaraguan and american songwriter, singer and electric guitar player.
She has been performing since she was 17 years old. She has made lots of collaborations, mostly with nicaraguans artists, but also with some artist in the US and spanish artists.
At the beginning of 2018 she started her solo project and released her first single " No Estas". She has also released other tracks such as: Hold On, Pulsar and even an instrumental track titled " El Duelo".
Mars’s music is a mixture of raw, post punk, latín, rock kind of vibe with spanish, english and french lyrics. She is a one person band, singer, guitar player and also she plays around with digital drums/ drum machine.
She is producing herself and recording her debut EP which will be out later on this year.
Venue Information:
The Mint
6010 West Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA, 90035