Snake Farmers, j*sh, The August Madness

Snake Farmers


The August Madness

Thursday, May 9

Doors: 7:45 pm / Show: 8:15 pm


This event is 21 and over

  • j*sh  - 8:15
  • The Snake Farmers - 9:00
  • The August Madness - 9:45

Snake Farmers
Snake Farmers
Snake Farmers singer/songwriter Spencer Thornton (StompBox Holiday, Melrose Hillbillies) is an Athens, GA native raised in Atlanta before migrating to Los Angeles. He describes the music of the four-piece Snake Farmers Band as a“mash-up of Alt-Americana meets Roots Rock & Roll with a Southern Accent.”
Thornton (Vocals/Guitar) says he and his SoCal bred road-tested journeymen band-mates, Barry Kolsky (Lead Guitar), Gio Sanserino (Bass, BGV) and Aaron Weiner (Drums/BGV) come from such diverse musical backgrounds that it was
next to impossible for each of them NOT to bring a little something different to the table when working out how they’d play his songs at a live show. “Whether it’s got
a Texas blues boogie, a jazzy swing, a swampy rock backbeat or a cautionary folk tale cadence, it’s all good... well, till it goes off the rails. But even then, it’s such a kick in the pants for the four of us old-schoolers to meet up once a week, get the creative juices flowin’ and have some serious fun without breakin’ the law. It’s pretty darned contagious. We’re just hopin’ our audience hasn’t had their vaccination shots, yet.”
“As musicians, our job is to create songs, nurture them a bit and then deliver them to those who are open and/or in need. And when you cut through all the BS, it’s just Music: movement, joy, sound, emotion, rhythm and voices blending into one holy mess-o-fun. Kinda like a big ole snake; one long muscle of moving parts, each one instinctively following what the other parts do as it slithers along...
minding its own business and trying it’s best not to crawl across the wrong highway or into the wrong yard.”
Once described by himself as "what you would get if Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan had a giant baby," LA born and raised singer/songwriter j*sh is celebrating the release of his debut single "Streetlights" available across streaming platforms May 9th, the night of the show! Having assembled the greatest band in the history of the world, featuring Malcolm Cross (Pete Yorn, PLVNK), Shane Brouse (PLVNK, Adrian Javon, and many more), Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Elizabeth Woolf, and the scruffy soulful saxophone sounds of Jordan Guzman, j*sh feels confidently that this show will change the course of music history. Don't miss it!
The August Madness
The August Madness
THE AUGUST MADNESS is the songwriting duo David Buntz (of Augustus Leroy) and David Collett (of Sweet and Tender Hooligans). The two Davids played music together in the 1980s in a couple of different bands - Film At Eleven and Blue Rumour - but higher education and life in general sent them separate ways.
A chance meeting at the 2014 NAMM show and the ubiquity at the time of Daft Punk's "Random Access Memories" sparked the idea that the time was right to revisit the 'vintage' sounds of the 60's, 70's and 80's and spin them into a 21st century style.
So the Davids started writing. For the next several years they emailed each other audio files featuring an array of musical sketches and ideas that eventually evolved into a cohesive collection of songs titled - appropriately - "Action at a Distance". They brought veteran drummer Darrin Pfeiffer (of Goldfinger) and bassist Alexis Gonzalez into the studio to power the foundation that supports the swirling jungle of guitars, vocals and synths.
The end result is inspired not only by the rock, pop, punk and indie music of the last half century, but also the masterworks studied by classical guitarist Collett. Cosmic sounds and references pay homage to the discoveries made throughout the history of space exploration - from the Sputnik mission in 1957 to the recent Cassini mission. Buntz's lyrics ask how to reconcile the very analog human problems of disconnection and loneliness with the digital world.
'Distance' is in a sense a dedication to all "voyagers" past and present - to great musical minds, to rockets and probes, to us mere mortals trying to navigate it all.
Venue Information:
The Mint
6010 West Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA, 90035