The Iceman Special, TV Broken 3rd Eye Open, Gianni Paci

The Iceman Special

TV Broken 3rd Eye Open

Gianni Paci

Wednesday, March 6

Doors: 7:45 pm / Show: 8:15 pm


This event is 21 and over

  • Gianni Paci - 8:15
  • TV Broken 3rd Eye Open - 9:00
  • The Iceman Special - 10:00

The Iceman Special
The Iceman Special
The Iceman Special is a 4 piece outfit transplanted from the swamps of Louisiana to New Orleans. They create a sound that resonates with the psych rock community as well as writing songs that explore reggae, funk, melodic pop, prog, and other influences. The bands live shows are notorious for their intensity and their use of innovative and creative visual stimuli while also taking pride in song writing and the delivery of their message. Screeching yet smooth guitars, wandering yet punchy bass lines, synthesizers, driving drum beats, and powerful vocals form a one of kind soundscape.
“They don’t wear their influences on their sleeves, their original songs are too good for that, but the indicators are there. The production is strong and unlike so many bands that are unable to translate their live energy to a record, the Iceman Special gets the job done.” – The Vinyl District
“The band rocks and lays down such fat, solid slabs of rock ‘n’ roll that if they are not careful, the audience can trip on them and fall a long joyous time.” – David Kunian – Curator – New Orleans Jazz Museum and Louisiana State Museum
TV Broken 3rd Eye Open
TV Broken 3rd Eye Open
TV Broken 3rd Eye Open is an eclectic and versatile seven piece band that fuses together a multitude of musical styles from across the world into a psychedelic explosion of sound. Equipped with didgeridoos, saxophones, sitars, guitars, world percussion, drums, bass, flutes, harmonicas, banjos, and the kitchen sink; it is a musical ensemble like no other. The band draws inspiration from a myriad of musical genres such as afro funk, jazz, psychedelic groove, Indian, folk, blues, and even spaghetti western circus cabaret. Though the band’s sound is unique in it’s own right, the TV Broken 3rd Eye Open experience also has a significant visual component. Stunning visuals of sacred geometry and psychedelic imagery are then projected on to the stage to combine with the music to make for a truly unique experience.
Gianni Paci
Gianni Paci
Recorded at the fabled and mysterious Pie Studios, Gianni Paci’s new EP, aptly named after the place, is about as spooky as it gets. The story behind the session is the stuff of future legend: a young kid with The Voice, The Guitar and The Songs takes a crack at making an impression on The Producer (Perry Margouleff) who’s worked with all of his favorite behemoths, hanging on a wing and a prayer for the sort of cosmic chemical reaction that might also launch him into The Stratosphere of Stardom. And while the audacity to step up to that lofty plate is rooted in equal parts bravado, skill and youthful naiveté, this record is the document of that dream. After all, this is the studio where The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith and Jimmy Page have chosen to work out of. So when The Kid got to play The Producer one of his originals on the studio’s 1937 Martin D Acoustic, he did good enough to play him another. Margouleff asked him back to record a full set the next day, and the rest is history: one take per song, at a single Neumann U47 microphone, in the live room at Pie, with that old, beat up guitar and a whole lot of story to tell.

Long before he was legal, Gianni Paci was sharing the stage with rock stars like Ace Frehley of Kiss, Steven Adler of Guns N Roses and the late Mike Starr of Alice In Chains. He’s been in the studio with the likes of Gail Ann Dorsey (David Bowie, Gwen Stefani), Jon Anderson (Yes, King Crimson) and Mike Keneally (Frank Zappa, Steve Vai). Gianni even toured with the infamous Butthole Surfers, earning a dedicated spot on their live album, “Live At The Forum London,” as the band sings “Happy Birthday” to him in front of that sold-out crowd.
Having performed at music festivals like Austin City Limits in Texas, Zappanale in Germany and Musikfest in Pennsylvania, Gianni learned the ropes while in the ring, honing his craft in front of audiences far and wide. He’s even had the privilege of performing at CBGB’s, the sorely missed punk rock landmark on Joey Ramone Place. Songwriting was a talent that sprouted even earlier, as Gianni wrote his first original piece of music at the tender age of eight. “It just seemed to pour out of me so naturally,” he recalls, reflecting on his propensity towards poetically simple songs that are as alluring in their charm as they are surprising in their depth.
Gianni released two full-length albums of original material under his old pseudonym, The Pine Hollows. This work landed Gianni on the cover of Performer Magazine and helped him to establish a considerable presence in the NYC music scene. An online feature at Tiger Beat labeled him “The Cutest Boy You’re Not Crushing On Yet,” claiming, “[Gianni] will be bursting onto the mainstream music scene soon,” while Darryl Norrell of Aquarian Weekly wrote, "Gianni’s been likened to Buddy Holly and it’s appropriate, not in the timbre of his voice but in the mannerisms and the writing, airy and innocently heart-on-sleeve.”
His first proper solo release, “Walking Through A Movie Scene” [EP], was recorded at Cove City Sound Studios, with production duties being split between the artist and Eren Cannata (Demi Lovato, Justin Tranter). The cover photo was shot by Ryan Jay (Logic, The Weeknd). Blackbook Magazine premiered the video for second single, “Too Good To Be True,” writing, “we’re kind of obsessed.” Released just nine months later, “Smoked The Wrong Stuff” [EP], furthers the narrative, with Paci’s winding guitar work taking center stage. Impose Magazine premiered “Somewhere Other Than Here,” calling the song “a tightly crafted, personal confession…a valuable testament to [his] songwriting excellence.”
“I Tried To Right My Wrongs, But I Made A Left” [EP] follows as an experiment in home recording that took off online. Spill Magazine lauded Gianni’s vertically integrated process, explaining, “not many artists play all their own instruments and produce themselves...Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, and Prince, are three artists that come to mind..and listening to his music, one can see that Paci has not only been influenced by the greats, but has a great deal of knowledge of their art.” A further foray into acting has landed Gianni in the forthcoming second season of the Emmy-nominated series, “Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.”
Venue Information:
The Mint
6010 West Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA, 90035