Gidon, Milo Binx, The Flings


Milo Binx

The Flings

Thursday, March 7

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

  • Gidon - 9:00 
  • Milo Blinx - 9:45
  • The Flings - 10:35

From a sun kissed studio on the coast of Southern California, Gidon brings us a unique and authentic reggae sound. Fusing elements of rock, jazz, soul and old-school roots- rock-reggae, Gidon creates a sunny, groove-filled sound that is every bit as soulful as the Jamaican legends who inspired him. His high-vibe music reflects the diverse, cross-cultural influences that defined his early years. Being a veritable jack of all trades, Gidon is often juggling multiple roles on his tracks including: writing, producing, performing, engineering and composing. His latest single “High Times” is no different as he plays nearly all the instruments with a reggae aficionado’s aplomb. Adding in tasteful electric guitars and choice arrangements is good friend and song writing partner Cuni Besic.

“High Times” is the first single from the much anticipated EP that is scheduled for release in Spring 2019. This upcoming EP follows up the successful “Rise” EP release from 2016 (Slipway Records, London, U.K.). Where “Rise” has a unique London sound, most of the songs from the upcoming EP have been created and recorded in Jamaica with some of the most legendary artists around including Sly and Robbie, Beres Hammond, and Clive Hunt. These amazing producers and artists have lent their ears, hands and hearts to Gidon’s music to create a perfect hybrid of the highest order.

His first Jamaican single “Call Me” (Liberation House) produced by Robbie Shakespeare and Maestro, got steady radio play on MELLOW FM and the venerable IRIE FM - Jamaica’s number one radio station. The “Rise” EP had play on revered selector David Rodigan's BBC 1 Radio Xtra and Dennis Bovell's "Dub on Air" program on SOHO Radio. Chuck Foster - L.A.’s famous host of KPFK’s “Reggae Central” is a big supporter and spinner of Gidon’s fresh cuts.

Gidon trods the globe with his positive vibe and universal sound perfectly suited for festivals and stage shows of all shapes and sizes. Past noteworthy events include: Ostroda Reggae Festival - playing alongside Stephen Marley, Sly & Robbie and Katchafire in 2011; performing and winning Carbondale, Colorado’s 2012 Mountain Fair Songwriters Competition; Opening the 2013 “Reggae to Reggae” show in Portland, Jamaica alongside Ken Boothe, Judy Mowatt, Duane Stephenson; Veg Fest in L.A. and Orange County, California 2016-2017. Stay tuned as this artist continues to emerge as one of the brightest and original sounding new stars on the international reggae circuit.
Milo Binx
Milo Binx
What do three childhood friends from Hollywood and a girl from Kansas City have in common? Love of music, talent, humor and Milo Binx. No one could have guessed that years later, collectively, they would have would have been responsible for touring, writing, producing and contributing to selling millions of records for some of the biggest names in the music industry. Some people say that the music world needs a new voice, a bright shining light to look into, “real” music, with real instruments… Milo Binx is the piece to a puzzle that has been called the music business…
Mayme Marshall, like so many, decided to come to Los Angeles to embark on a career in music. Unlike so many, she was born singing like an R&B Angel… Reincarnation is something that has been speculated for centuries… Listening to her voice may quiet the debate. Mayme arrived in Los Angeles in April of 2015 – Serendipity was on her side – She met Ty Stevens (Producer/Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist), after listening to her sing Ty new that he’d found the singer that he and his childhood friends had been looking for. Monte McConnell, Rob Richman and Ty Stevens had started on a new project – Wanting to get back to their groove oriented roots and their love for all things Funk, Soul and R&B. So it begins…
The Flings
The Flings
Ever since a quarter-life crisis reunited former Northern California roommates on the Eastside of Los Angeles, the multifaceted duo ‘The Flings’ have been carefully crafting and quietly refining their sound-- a timely take on American Soul music, made unique by their unconventional backgrounds rooted in opera and studio/acoustic design.

After a summer writing and recording demos in a dark basement in Highland Park, the duo set out to self produce their debut EP. Set on dictating the creative and auditory direction of their first release, the Flings looked to the mountains of Colorado to realize the framework for their personal ethos.

The first song to surface from these sessions comes the EP’s title track, ‘Looking on Down the Line’. A manifestation of past relationships and the maddening mania of welcoming new love, with this track the band brings forward a modern ode to heartbreak and healing. The kind of song about moving along. After all, as the great William Shakespeare once said, “Life is but a fling”.
Venue Information:
The Mint
6010 West Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA, 90035