Mint Moscow Mule, Grad Party, Head, Aly Youranday

Mint Moscow Mule

Grad Party


Aly Youranday

Thursday, February 28

Doors: 7:45 pm / Show: 8:15 pm

$10 ($15 under 21)

This event is 18 and over

  • Aly Youranday - 8:15
  • Head - 9:00
  • Grad Party - 9:45
  • Mint Moscow Mule - 10:35

Mint Moscow Mule
Mint Moscow Mule
Mint Moscow Mule is a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. Her music influences include Amy Winehouse, Joni Mitchell, Lana Del Rey, Regina Spektor and others.

Born and grew up in China, she started playing piano when she was seven years old, and started to write songs shortly after. Currently She is studying in Thornton School of Music, University of Southern California.

Mint Moscow Mule just released her debut EP “loner” on all the platforms.
Grad Party
Grad Party
Grad Party is an LA-based indie pop duo consisting of Ian Bowers and Carlo Ladd. Their music draws on an array of songwriting and production influences ranging from Joni Mitchell to Daft Punk and plenty in between. These influences help yield Grad Party’s compellingly written and emotionally honest songs, supported by engaging electro-acoustic instrumentals. Bowers plays guitar. Ladd plays the keys. Both of them sing.
Their music has garnered the attention of blogs and playlist curators since they had their start last year: A&R Factory, BuzzBands LA, and MusicCrowns, among others, have featured their music online; their song "Feeling" was featured on some of Spotify's biggest indie playlists, including Ultimate Indie, Chill Vibes, and New Indie Mix. The duo was also recently named LA Emerging Artist of the Month by The Deli.
Ladd, an Italian-American from Scotland, and Bowers, a Coloradan, met as freshmen at Brown University in Providence, RI. However, it wasn’t until they were living together during their senior year that Grad Party was born. Before then, they mainly wrote music for film as Ladd pursued an International Relations degree and Bowers an English degree. Despite their academic concentrations, their complementary musical partnership was in the making during the early years as Ladd developed his songwriting and Bowers his production. Their decision to pursue a career in pop music developed quickly and as a welcome surprise well after many of their classmates had found gainful employment.
HEAD is an electro-psychedelic duo, formed in the Mojave
Desert, California in 2017. Melodically, HEAD’s sound
contains dense, multi-layered, nontraditional
arrangements, lyrically their compositions are constructed
with songs of reality & the beyond. HEAD displays a
captivating live show, frontman Brennan Gervasi gives it
his all. While Marion the maestro holds down the sounds,
keeping the audience locked into the set. HEAD is a
cannonball with their musical leaders of the past strapped
to it & blasted through modern lens.
Aly Youranday
Aly Youranday
California-based Aly Youranday is an energetic pop artist known for her powerful voice and combining powerful, rich and complex vocals with unique instrumentation. Aly, with her icy blonde hair and captivating smile stands out wherever she goes!
Aly has been singing her whole life. For Christmas, when Aly was only six years old she asked her mom for a microphone so she could sing and she never stopped! At the age of 12 Aly announced to her mom “I want to sing”. Leading bands since Jr. High School Aly has continue to grow as an artist and devolve her power vocal pop sound! Her passion for music is clear in all that she does!
Venue Information:
The Mint
6010 West Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA, 90035