Justin Bardales, Jeff Gold, Dave Fenley & Rich O'Toole

Justin Bardales

Jeff Gold

Dave Fenley & Rich O'Toole

Wednesday, February 13

Doors: 7:15 pm / Show: 7:45 pm


This event is 21 and over

  • Jeff Gold - 7:45
  • Justin Bardales- 8:30 
  • Dave Fenley & Rich O'Toole - 9:20

Justin Bardales
Justin Bardales
Justin Bardales is a Los Angeles based Composer/Multi-instrumentalist and has led local indie/prog rock bands such as Modern American Theatre & Temple of the Sun. Now setting sails as solo artist, Justin performs a special brand of heartfelt folk, singer-songwriter style of music that is both easily accessible and relatable. His debut EP titled, Take You As You Come, is a collection of songs about lost love, found love & the connection of the natural world and music.
Jeff Gold
Jeff Gold
Calm Music for Crazy Times
Jeff wants to help you relax and bring you to a place where his “Heavy Mellow” music can ease your
tension and melt away your stress.
He composes and performs his own original material on acoustic guitar but in the recording studio he
also plays the keyboards and bass. The cellos, flutes and even french horns you hear are sounds he
creates by midi computer, a skill he picked up during his long and now happily retired from professional
career as a video and sound editor for clients like NBC, MTV, MADtv and “The Office.”
His music has been embraced by massage, yoga and other relaxation practitioners, medical therapists
and as a relaxation therapy for children on the spectrum and other special needs kids and adults. But
it’s not just special needs, his music has an unusual appeal to most all children.
Jeff has produced 4 CD’s, two of which “Escapes” and “Simple Treasures” have been amazon #1 best
sellers. Combined, the songs on all 4 of his CD’s have been streamed 2 million times in the last year!
A native Californian, and Graduate of UC Santa Barbara, Jeff also produces and provides the musical
score for “Sleep Well for Kids,” the best selling series of “Guided Imagery” CD’s aimed at helping kids
(ages 0-99) fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up feeling energized and well rested.
All 4 of Jeff’s CD’s are available on amazon and amazon digital Music
Ask Siri or Alexa to Play Jeff Gold Music! Also Available on Spotify, iTunes, Pandora and your favorite
streaming service.
Dave Fenley & Rich O'Toole
Dave Fenley & Rich O'Toole
As a 2018 finalist and fan favorite on The Voice, Texas native and Nashville-based singer-songwriter Dave Fenley faced a daunting challenge: Helping a millions-strong audience base shift their perception of him from crowd-pleasing cover singer to self-directed recording artist. Thankfully, Fenley is more than up to the task. In fact, it echoes his own transition, years earlier, into the thoughtful, accomplished and engaging singer, musician, writer and equally crowd-pleasing performer he has become.
Born and raised in Lufkin, Texas, Fenley was a natural as a singer, whether it was church music or learning country harmonies at home. Picking up the guitar as a teenager, he started playing in bars and small music venues, but something was missing. The turning point came in college as he began to get serious about songwriting.
“I knew enough about guitar at that point – chords that could help me put stuff together,” he says. “Around that time I also got turned on to the Texas country scene.” Diving into the music of Pat Green, Robert Earl Keen and others was a start, but it was his wife who pushed him into the deep end. “She sat me down to really dig into The Beatles and Bob Dylan when, frankly, I didn’t want to. Dylan, especially, struck me as so hard to listen to. She just said, ‘Shut up and pay attention.’ I did, and it changed the whole way I think about writing and music.
“I started going deeper than the Texas pride, shake-your-fist stuff I’d been doing,” he says. “I realized songwriting was what I’d been missing in terms of connection with an audience after years of playing covers and working on showmanship without much in the way of content. Once an audience started singing my songs back to me, I couldn’t stop.”
A shift in the local scene pushed Fenley even further. “Texas music took a turn on me and really became about partying and trucks,” he says. “I couldn’t compete with that and didn’t want to, because I was thinking deeper as a writer. So I moved to Nashville and learned to co-write, which was humbling. You can’t be the proudest person in the room, you have to concede a lot and it took about six months to accept I wasn’t as accomplished as I thought. As the songs got better I realized what I’d been missing in terms of collaboration. Since then, I think I’ve written one song by myself. It’s one of my favorites ever, but still just the one.”
When producers from The Voice came calling, it was Fenley’s soulful, larger-than-life vocals and appealing stage presence – not artistry, not creation – they were most interested in. And he knew it. “I looked at as a platform for sharing and engaging with a really big audience. If I was just a songwriter who could sing, but hadn’t played live shows for a decade, I wouldn’t have the ability to deliver the way I can now. Even in doing covers on television, I’ve been able to take those on from a creator’s viewpoint. How would that artist approach that 35-year-old song all these years later? What if they recorded it now? That helped me develop my rapport with the audience.”
As the show wrapped, Fenley was ready with songs, a band and an extended support team to begin making music that would carry over. “The difficulty on television is showing who the artist is behind all these cover songs you’re performing,” he says. “The hope is that you can create a bridge that people can cross over to connect with me on the other side.”
And in one respect, The Voice experience added to the development of Dave Fenley, singer, songwriter and recording artist. “I realized that the real quest is to find one really honest moment in every song,” he says. “No matter what it is – something I’m writing or something by another artist. At some point, I want to hear that one line that turns my head. It might be a different moment for different people, but the good ones all have those. When you find it or it jumps out at you, that’s powerful. As a writer or when you’re performing and see it on the face of someone in the crowd, there’s nothing better.”
Venue Information:
The Mint
6010 West Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA, 90035