Isabella Blue, Paige Williams, Zyles

Isabella Blue

Paige Williams


Tuesday, October 30

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 8:45 pm

$6.00 - $11.00

This event is 21 and over

  • 8:45 - Paige Williams
  • 9:30 - Zyles
  • 10:30 - Isabella Blue featuring Alexandria Noelle 

Isabella Blue
Isabella Blue
Isabella has been singing since she was able to talk, her love of music stems from listening to a variety of different genres of music and being introduced to many different musical cultures at a very young age. Songwriting has been a huge part of her life for a very long time, it was a way for her to express her emotions. She is new to performing live, she most recently performed at the whiskey a gogo and at loft ensemble in Sherman Oaks. Isabella has performed at the mint before and had a wonderful time and looks forward to performing again. Isabella is currently working on her first album, and has a single on iTunes called Don’t let me down by Isabella.

She is an independent artist, and thinks for now she enjoys it that way. She hopes you enjoy her set and gets to her as an artist through it.
Her Album, Finding Me, is out now.
Paige Williams
Paige Williams
Born in San Antonio, Texas, Paige Williams has traveled the world experiencing countless cultures and music styles. Growing up with two parents active in the Military definitely made life complicated but solidified the strength within her family. They were, and still are, always encouraging her to push the limits and never give up, placing her in nation-wide music and acting competitions as well as funding trips to tour with different choirs around the world.

Eventually, her parents retired and her family settled in the small town of Hoschton, Georgia. It wasn't until Paige started to attend college that she followed the footsteps of her iconic older brother and moved into the city. While getting acclimated to Atlanta, she won the Georgia State Idol singing competition as a freshman, sang with the Atlanta Ballet, and as a member of the supporting choir for Andrea Bocelli. After an eventful college career, Paige graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor's Degree in Vocal Performance from Georgia State University and has been teaching and performing ever since; deservingly earning the title of an "ATL-ien".

With this internationally educated influence, she has grown to be proficient in voice, cello, guitar, piano and ukulele. Paige released her first EP in May of 2017 which includes musical mixtures of pop, alternative, acoustic and R&B. In hopes of spreading her music world-wide, she continues to display that confidence and expression are essential to the growth of genuine musicality.
Zyles, a self-described professional pop outfit headed by Zach Yellin-Flaherty, launched this summer with a series of infectiously smooth and sophisticated new singles. Yellin-Flaherty spent the last decade immersed in the tech trenches of the Bay Area, and he expresses his insights through pop music—universal songs about the realities and fantasies of young professionals with a distinctly Northern California aesthetic. The Zyles sound is a blend of retro and contemporary pop with stylish production that serves as the perfect vehicle for Zyles’ take on modern romance.

With the release of his first single “Sundresses,” Zyles has been on the receiving end of some early acclaim. The New Nine have called Zyles “the indie-pop songster you should know,” while Substream Magazine described his music as “sunny bursts of warm and evocative slices of synth heaven.”

Embedded within the laid-back leisure world of Zyles, there is a welcome self-awareness to the romantic encounters described in his worldly sophisti-pop. Take second single and standout track “Secretary,” a song that by pop standards of the past, would undoubtedly have revolved around the narrator pursuing the secretary. “In ‘Secretary,’ the narrator is trying to avoid temptation from the secretary, rather than embracing it,” says Zyles. “There is intended to be a healthy amount sexual tension in my songs, without the cliche depictions of sex, and a certain acknowledgement that this type of indulgence is not always in our best interest.” With an exciting video for “Secretary” forthcoming, Zyles is looking to expand beyond cliche depictions of love in the 21st century.

Born and raised in Manhattan, Zyles grew up playing rock and blues, followed by more formal jazz training. While attending Stanford where he belonged to the jazz orchestra, Zyles spent time studying abroad in China, which was the inspiration behind his newfound musical moniker—Zyles comes from the re-romanization of his Chinese name, 叶子力 (Ye Zi Li). After graduation, while living and working in San Francisco and armed with his experiences working in the tech world, Yellin-Flaherty gave birth to Zyles, a project that is informed thematically by the glory and absurdity of today’s city living, and musically by Yellin Flaherty’s carefully crafted urbane pop.
With his string of new singles, Zyles is looking to flip the pop script, and do so with finely crafted songs and a refreshingly dynamic take on what is means to chase love as a twenty-something.
Venue Information:
The Mint
6010 West Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA, 90035