Bevin Hamilton, Trevor McShane, Matthew Grant, Resurrection Road

Bevin Hamilton

Trevor McShane

Matthew Grant

Resurrection Road

Saturday, September 29

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

  • 8:00 - Trevor McShane
  • 9:00 - Resurrection Road
  • 10:05 - Bevin Hamilton
  • 11:10- Matthew Grant

Bevin Hamilton
Bevin Hamilton
Bevin is an Alternative Rock Artist pinning her genre as 'American Gothic Rock'. She is a solo Artist/Songwriter residing in the city of angels, both dark and light. Her background in music stems from classical to classic rock, and is evident in her songs. She has toured, written and/or worked with the likes of Motley Crue, Tim Armstrong, and Jimmy Cliff. She has honed her songwriting skills with many established writers and Artists and continues to expand and push through music stereotypes and barriers.

Her songs explore the inner and outer landscapes of the American Dream.... How we see the world and how the world sees us. The characters that populate her songs are indeed ghosts and fringe dwellers and plucky heroines. The fighters, dreamers, Rebels, Visionaries... In her creative vision all these psychological archetypes and spiritual aspects of our selves get to be unleashed, and heard.

Her latest studio album, Mirrors and Echoes, ventures through the wilderness of time, questioning the nature of our personal realities.
Produced in Los Angeles by, multi-instrumentalist, artist and writer, Todd Herfindal, Mirrors and Echoes bookmarks sentiments of Bevin's first record, touching on relationships, history, introspection and politics.

Her debut record, “Filters and Frames” was produced in Los Angeles by world renowned Producer, Mixer and Songwriter James Michael. James has produced records from artists such as Motley Crue, Scorpions and Papa Roach and has had hits with Kelly Clarkson and James Durbin to Meatloaf. He is also the Lead singer of the band Sixx: AM.
Trevor McShane
Trevor McShane
Trevor McShane is the stage name of brilliant Beverly Hills lawyer Neville Johnson, who has been listed every year since 2008 as one of Hollywood Reporter’s Top 100 Power Lawyers.
Back in 2000 with a very successful law practice as an entertainment, media and business attorney, I decided to perform as Trevor McShane I picked the name Trevor McShane in honor of my Irish roots. My forefathers were named McShane and I wanted to celebrate them. I hope you enjoy the music and join us for a show some time.
My life is driven by two passions, words and music.
I first picked up a guitar when I was a teenager and have never looked back. I’ve joyfully spent the last 30 years putting words to music and music to words. I’m an artist, a poet, a songwriter and a lover of life.
My mission is to make beautiful music and share it with as many people as possible. I want my lyrics to make you think, to make you wonder, to make you happy…or sad.
If I can somehow move you with my music, my job is done.
Matthew Grant
Matthew Grant
Matthew Grant was born in Kansas City, Kansas. Born and raised in the inner city, Matthew saw many struggles and hardships throughout his childhood and into his formative years. In the midst of this chaos, Matthew found his true passion and escape in music.

At the age of eleven, he discovered that he loved to sing and began to play the piano. Like most singers, Matthew began honing his talents in the church choir. Whether in front of one person or an audience of ten thousand, Matthew’s charisma and enjoyment of showmanship allow him to always put on a show. As the youngest of four boys, Matthew did not have a choice in what music was being played around the house so grew up listening to all genres from Jazz standards to hardcore Hip Hop. The biggest influence on his artistry and writing however has always been Soul music.

At the age of eighteen, Matthew began writing his own music and developing his singing and performance style. Growing up wasn’t easy, living in the midst of family members addicted to hardcore drugs and even going without eating some nights. Matthew knew if he wanted to make something of himself he needed to leave his hometown so when he turned eighteen, he left home to start his own journey and find his way.

After a few years of college and moving around, Matthew found himself in a shelter in New York. Determined to persevere in order to live the life he always dreamed about, he started working in a school with special needs children as a way of giving back. Whilst teaching was fulfilling, Matthew decided he needed to continue to pursue his own passions so Matthew moved to California where he taught vocals and piano. He started working with local artists arranging and writing music as well as performing at various local events. In November 2014, Matthew signed with Alignment Management and moved to Los Angeles. New to the city, Matthew start playing locally and networking with artists and producers to hone his craft and develop his sound.

Matthew’s style could be categorized as Pop Soul with strong undertones of Jazz and a touch of Gospel. His musical influences are legends such as James Brown, Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye, Nina Simone and Donnie Hathaway. His modern-day influences are Erykah Badu, Robert Glasper, Snarky Puppy, D’Angelo, John Mayer and he is also heavily inspired by the 90’s R&B genre.

Matthew’s aspiration and life goal with his music is to connect with people in a way that helps them to authentically feel the way they see the world.
Resurrection Road
Resurrection Road
Damon Dae
Any singer worth their salt was influenced by the greatest entertainers of eras gone by. Most have taken
these inspirations to unique heights of flattery and imitation but nothing more. Its time for a new day.
Damon Dae. Original. Uniquely his own.
With his easily identifiable sultry tenor voice, he is destined to find his place in history amongst the best.
He has the ability-- a gift really-- to take a melody and make you soar, make you submit and make you
sing along.
Born in Sioux City, Iowa, eight year old Damon, the youngest of four, and his family, moved to Fort
Worth, Texas. This is where he was first influenced by attending his big brother Raymond’s band
audition. Now in Los Angeles, Damon is not only an experienced singer but has branched out as a
songwriter & producer.
Not one to hide behind studio tracks, give Damon a microphone and a live audience and see a complete
entertainer. When he sings it, he means it. He'll make you dance up a sweat then melt you with a ballad.
Leaving you as raw emotion sensitive to the touch.
Damon embraces his influences of Jeffery Osborne, Freddie Jackson, James Ingram, Luther Vandross,
Peobo Bryson, Michael McDonald but, most of all, his songs and voice are of the original Damon Dae. He
has weathered the trials and tribulations of the average up-and-coming performer and has emerged as
something more. He's a polished professional who's ready for his close-up. Giving you something you
can feel.

Jed Ojeda
Founder of The Mint in 1990, Jed helped ignite an otherwise non-existent music scene in Los Angeles,
helping the likes of Macy Gray, Ben Harper, The Wallflowers, and many, many others to become the
artists they are today. Jed also is a musician/guitarist/songwriter who joined musical forces with Damon
Dae to create “Resurrection Road”. The mission? To resurrect Soul music for soul. Originally a blues
player, Jed was able to absorb the many styles that made their way through the hallowed stage of The
Mint over the years, to create a sound of his own. The result is the fresh soulful sound you will hear with
Venue Information:
The Mint
6010 West Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA, 90035