Marcus von Rittberg, Mike Vitale, Laure Z, Benji Has

Marcus von Rittberg

Mike Vitale

Laure Z

Benji Has

Thursday, June 14

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

  •   8:15 - Benji Has
  •   9:00 - Laure Z 
  •   9:35 - Marcus von Rittberg
  • 10:35 - Mike Vitale

Marcus von Rittberg
Marcus von Rittberg
'Growing Younger' is Marcus von Rittberg’s latest self-produced release and first album using his given name. As a singer-songwriter, Marcus draws from many genres. His melodic and harmonic progressions reveal Marcus’ love for jazz, Latin and classical music. The rhythmical elements in his productions expose Marcus’ passion for electronic and hip-hop music. He casually weaves together diverse musical elements, bringing forth a very eclectic yet catchy style of music. As a producer, Marcus paints from a wide palette of acoustic and electronic sounds that complement his heartfelt love songs, observant narratives and satirical social commentaries. 

Marcus was born in Spain and grew up in Germany. His passion for composition and production brought him to the US where he earned his degree in 'Music Production & Audio Engineering' at IPR in Minneapolis. In 2007 Marcus moved to Brooklyn where he got heavily involved in teaching piano and music, focusing on those families, schools and kindergartens that struggled to allocate funds for the arts. Besides working as an engineer and producer, he started performing while continuously writing and recording new material. Marcus recently relocated to LA.
Mike Vitale
Mike Vitale
Mike Vitale is a singer/songwriter based out of Los Angeles, CA. He has spent years performing at local and regional venues, coffeeshops, bars, restaurants, resorts, hotels, shopping centers, street corners, corporate events, private parties, record stores, colleges, and universities.  His first official release was a full length acoustic album recorded on a shoe-string budget, called Idiosyncrasies, in 2007.  He toured the west coast, the midwest, and sporadic shows along the east coast in support of this first release.
In 2012, he funded his second album using the crowdsourcing platform, Kickstarter.  His desire was to fulfill a life long dream of recording his songs with a band.
The subsequent release was simply titled Mike Vitale, and features 6 of Mike’s songs, which he produced with the help of musical friends from all over Southern California including Frank Reina (drums and engineering), Brad Cummings (bass), Jon Lacroix (keys), Johnny Gomez (electric guitar), Cory Clark (electric guitar), Justin Burrow (electric guitar), Brett Bixby (keys), Anthony Gonzalez (Percussion), Bryan Lynch (drums), Robbie Gullage (bass).
The album was released digitally and on compact disc in 2014 at The Constellation Room in Santa Ana, California. Mike Vitale set up his own tours along the west coast playing wineries, venues, bars, and colleges in support of this self-titled effort. 
In 2015, Mike released an americana tune entitled Running Away From Home and exclusively made it available for purchase on Bandcamp. All proceeds from the song were donated to the Michael J. Fox Parkinson's Research Foundation as a one-year-long campaign to raise money for Parkinson's Research. 
The song is a story about him running away from home in order to become a werewolf, when he was in Elementary School, after seeing the movie “Teen Wolf” starring Michael J. Fox.  On July 20th 2017, Mike Vitale re-released "Running Away From Home" on all streaming services such Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora. The single was also made available for purchase on all major digital distribution websites including Google Play, iTunes, Amazon Music, and the like.
Mike released a new collection of acoustic songs in 2018 entitled EMPTY CIRCLE.  He also plans to release several full band arrangements of his songs, as singles, the first of which called THE JUNGLE on May 26th 2018, using the crowdsourcing platform, Patreon, to help fund this artistic endeavor.  He plans on releasing for or five more singles in rapid succession of one another. 
He is very active on Youtube, making a consolidated effort to release one new cover or original song, once a week, and just recently began using the Twitter owned app, Periscope to find an audience world wide; his recent live streams have been showing up on the main feed and have averaged 40,000 viewers.  He is also maintaining a busy schedule of playing live shows, both solo acoustic and with a band behind him, to support this new material.
His full length acoustic album EMPTY CIRCLE, released on May 12th 2018, can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, and all the other digital streaming services, AND you can directly support Mike by purchasing the album here or by supporting the release of new material using the crowdsourcing platform, Patreon.
Laure Z
Laure Z
Laure Zaehringer, is a French performer-composer who is currently residing in Los Angeles. 
Starting her musical education at the age of 5 as a classical pianist, Laure switched her focus to jazz in middle school. During this time she started composing original works, and taking classical voice lessons. 
After high school, Laure decided to pursue music further, attending the American School of Modern Music in Paris, where she formed a jazz quartet known as "Laure Zaehringer's Quartet" which performed in jazz clubs around Paris and Strasbourg. 
In 2011, Zaehringer enrolled in Berklee College of Music where she studied arranging, songwriting, musical theater, Brazilian music, and jazz. 
Her exploration of various genres and styles has allowed her creative freedom to fuse her French music heritage, with western jazz music, as can be seen in her well received debut single “I Will Follow You!”  

Laure spends her time in Los Angeles playing jazz shows, writing and composing songs, and taking inspiration from around the city. 
She recently released her first EP "Girls Don't Wait" with a 25 piece orchestra.
The EP is filled with love stories and themes of female empowerment set over Laure’s outstanding compositions. Laure’s impeccable level of classical music sophistication combines with her modern pop sensibilities to create songs that captivate all lovers of music.

She is now working on her second EP, collaborating with LA producers, and opening herself to a new sound, more mainstream and pop, but staying true to herself by keeping her french touch and sophisticated melodies. 
Venue Information:
The Mint
6010 West Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA, 90035