Sidewalk Sessions with Kendra & The Bunnies and Charli

Sidewalk Sessions with Kendra & The Bunnies and Charli

Ages 21+
Live Music OUTSIDE - with Kendra & The Bunnies (8:30) and Charli (10pm)

Kendra Muecke is a singer/songwriter, guitarist, poet & novelist, actress, healer and published author performing as a solo act under the name “Kendra & the Bunnies”. Based in Los Angeles and born in Houston Texas, her mission is to create art that reflects society’s positive aspects back onto itself, causing a ripple effect that expands as it is heard. Her intention is to share healing via collaborative experience and understanding through performance. She is for the peaceful gathering of community through means of song, voice, and action. Kendra combines music, spoken word, theatrical staging, and healing ritual to transport the audience into a mystical-surrender of now.


When I was in France, everybody called me Charly Gee. I was this singer-songwriter, super creative and powerful who is hiding herself by collaborating with different persons ( 96 records, The ware, Jule Aston as Anoï Feard and so much more...). After fighting with myself to understand who I was, I realized that my dreams was somewhere else : In LA.

It's a new beginning, a new adventure, a new chapter, I changed my name and I wrote about 30 songs, My very first one is : "I Love Me"!

Music helped me to be the woman that I am now. Doing music and writing what I feel, and also writing who I want to be, helped me to overcome all the difficulties of the life. I want to help others to feel powerful and happy as I am now ! Never forget that you deserve to be happy !


Venue Information:
The Mint
6010 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90035