Phoenyx and Phyre

Phoenyx and Phyre

Ages 21+
Live Music at the Mint.
  • Phoenyx and Phyre - 9:45

From strife and struggle of the inner city, a flower blossomed. The rich sultry voice of the Phoenyx rose from the ashes to offer the world a powerful message of love that has spread like wildfire in southern CA. With a spirit that is always searching for new sounds, her music is pure ecstasy and a refreshing experience for all to witness. From years of crafting her art in the theaters, bars and lounges of Los Angeles to the festival stage, she is reaching new heights with every performance.

To back such a presence, Phoenyx has concocted a wild and savage brew. With the blending and bending time, groove and passion, she has stretched the bounds and possibilities of sound. The flames were fanned so hot until an explosion of funk came roaring through, and the Phyre was born. Featuring Ian Martin’s piercing guitar, Lowden Howell taming the skins, Scotty Salmon tickling the 88’s and Liam Coates bringing the bass (and making time his bitch), Phoenyx and The Phyre are bringing the heat and the adventure to everyone. Are you ready?


Venue Information:
The Mint
6010 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90035