Mirage Wave, Who R We

Mirage Wave, Who R We

Ages 21+
Live Music At The Mint
  • Who R We - 8:00
  • Mirage Wave - 9:00

In late 2017 Alexandra Gray and Noely Gonzalez met and started to collaborate music for their band called The Napkin Queens. Influenced by bands like The Coathangers, Smashing Pumpkins, Blink 182 and concurrent feminist issues. Their dream was to start an all-girl band. Early 2018 joined former drummer Haleigh Stilton and finally, their current lead guitarist, Maria Flaherty. After the band formed their named changed to Mirage Wave, a reference to Sailor Moon, character Sailor Mercury, referencing a water-based attack power from a video arcade game. Not soon after did now current drummer Steve Austad join late 2019.The band finished their beloved four song EP called The Last Sunset You Will Ever See...set to release in 2020.Produced and recorded by studio engineer Danny Flaherty and Noely Gonzalez, and later Mastered by Grammy award winning engineering producer Ted Greenberg. Soon to be released in March!Mirage Wave defiantly comes through with a superpower all its own...


Who R We are a two piece band:Silvio Stefanini guitar vocals and synth and Joe Stefanini Drums and Percussion!

Founded by Silvio Stefanini ex guitarist from the legendary band “Raw Power” with a intensive background of recording albums, CDs, Videos and Tours! .

And Joe Stefanini original and former percussionist of DESIREE Band!

They decided to combine an intensive music cocktails of post punk alternative rock and new wave electronic sounds which create an unique genre performed by an unique 2 piece band !



Venue Information:
The Mint
6010 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90035