Levitate,  John Samuel, Dilan Jay,  Mandy Lopez

Levitate, John Samuel, Dilan Jay, Mandy Lopez

Ages 21+
Live Music at The Mint
  • John Samuel - 8:15
  • Levitate - 9:00
  • Dilan Jay - 9:45
  • Mandy Lopez - 10:35

Levitate is a diverse band which plays original blues, reggae and rock (in different languages).We have influences from different cultures and styles, such as: African, Middle Eastern and classic rock.

  • Eliyahu Krause-Singer/songwriter/bass player.
  • Michel Klein: keys
  • Shai Elyashar: drums
  • L.E. Staiman: guitar


Dilan Jay is a fusion singer-songwriter, guitarist, and rapper from Los Angeles. With 2 recent singing albums and 2 hip hop albums, Dilan weaves acoustic sounds reminiscent of Ed Sheeran and John Mayer with inspirational rap. Dilan is the first person from his country of heritage (Sri Lanka) to place on the U.S. Billboard Charts and also get a #1 on MTV's Most Popular Music Videos. He's performed live in hundreds of shows in several countries, and specializes in mixing together genres, such as R&B, contemporary country, hip hop, and indie rock, to create a fresh urban music experience found nowhere else.


Mandy Lopez is a pop/ r&b singer songwriter who recently released her first EP of original music on January 13th 2020. Her EP titled "Fate" was influenced by old school 90's hiphop and artists such as India Arie, Alicia Keys, and Christina Aguilera.


who: john samuel has decided to currently manifest itself as one personwhat: john samuel is an artist that wants to be listened to and understoodwhy: in short, as people, we can decide what we search for, but we can't change the longing to find. when searching for happiness, we will always fail, because happiness is circumstantial, but when searching for purpose, there will always be more to find. we can be afraid and have purpose, we can be depressed and have purpose, because by creating something that has meaning to us, we find our own meaning. its normal to be unhappy and its normal to be afraid, but we can't let the fear of being unhappy stop us from being alive. purpose is rooted in what we believe, and we have to move forward in our pain to find our purpose. but we don't have to be alone. how: recording at home, in practice rooms, bedrooms, various LA studios, and giving everything I have at a show. john samuel's shows do not work without people who get involved with the music, so I will work to gain your respect and trust in the 1st half of the show. the 2nd half is up to you


Venue Information:
The Mint
6010 Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90035