Drive!Drive! ,  Laureline, Pink Roses, Cilience


Pink Roses, Laureline, Cilience

Ages 18+
Live Music at the Mint with Pink Roses (8:15), Laureline (9:00), Drive!Drive! (9:45), Cilience (10:45)

Drive!Drive! isn't just another internet pop band. The alternative pop creation was first formed in the mind of Alex Johnson. Craving to create something new and powerful. Not only with music but with a brand and aesthetic that would catch everyone's attention. Alex searched for members that wanted to play music for the love of it. Being in Nashville, a city chock-full of professional musicians, it was incredibly difficult. After a year of searching, he finally found Gavin Hurlburt and Philip DeLuca. After their first practice, they knew it was meant to be something bigger than themselves. Before even releasing a song, they started developing a cult following with their personal engagement on social media. With their first single reaching over 100K streams on Spotify, they released two other singles that have paved the way for Drive!Drive! to tour the South East and play sold-out local shows. With heavy pop hooks, clean guitar riffs and retro synths that get people dancing at every show, they are a force to be reckoned with. Their debut EP 'Love/Hate' is available everywhere now!


Cilience (“Sill-ee-yence”) is an alternative rock band based in Los Angeles. "Cilience," adapted from an invented word by author John Koenig, means recognizing the potential each individual has in creating positive change, celebrating their own stories and complex lives. Their second release, Event Horizon, is a call to all people to stand for tolerance, understanding, and humanity. Their songs unite Ian Stahl's thought-provoking lyrics and distorted guitars, Janzie's hypnotic synth lines, Jason Fragoso's wailing drums, and Eric DeLuca's grooving bass lines. Together, they will get you on your feet, dancing and screaming along.


Pink Roses is a dream pop duo based in LA. Their sound is similar to LANY and The 1975. They released their first single on Valentine’s Day 2019 and have reached over 200K+ streams organically. They sold out their first 3 shows in LA, most recently at Hotel Cafe with 200+ fans. They are releasing their third single in August 2019, have a show at The Mint in LA on 9/26, and will be recording a 5 song EP in October. Already gaining a cult fanbase, Pink Roses is taking over the LA scene with dreams of one day playing stadiums.


Using singer-songwriter roots, bold synths and vocal duets, Laureline creates an atmosphere of both feeling and escape; love and loss. The group first surfaced with poetic visuals and an attention-to-detail that elevated the pop chords, melodies and rich harmonies into a sophisticated space. Laureline’s initial singles contrast 80’s inspired drums and synths with vulnerable, often dark lyrics, providing a space for intimate and quiet moments.Laureline is Chris Rasmussen, Ciera Bardowell and Marian Nutley.After releasing their independent, debut EP ‘Folds in Your Clothes’, which gained them a loyal following, Holding You, Holding Me kicks off the beginning of a new season. As the first single off their forthcoming album ‘Wash’, the song truly hones in on their sound, holding tight to their singer-songwriter vocals and atmospheric melodies.2018, the birth year of Laureline, was filled with victories for the band. Having no expectations for their first release, Folds in Your Clothes totaled around one million streams globally, landing themselves on the Indonesian Pop charts and catching the eyes of several Spotify editors. Building off the momentum of a recently sold out hometown show with indie legend Yoke Lore, the band looks to release a song per month through 2019 to eventually bring you the conceptual indie-pop record ‘Wash’.


Venue Information:
The Mint
6010 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90035