Anne Tello, In Audela, MRY

Anne Tello

In Audela, MRY

Ages 21+
Live Music at The Mint.
  • MRY (8:00)
  • Anne Tello (8:45)
  • In Audela (10:00)

MRY is the new project from Los Angeles Musician Sam Emery who started making music with the sole intention of offering an escape to those looking for a break from the mundane aspects of life that he had become so familiar with. After a sudden realization that the routine of corporate life wasn’t for him, Sam decided to make a break from the corporate world and soon found himself writing songs in basements and sleeping on couches during a period of Vagabonding in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Echo Park. Gathering inspiration from his musical influences ranging from Nile Rodgers and Tina Turner to Bruce Springsteen and Van Halen, Sam also was also inspired during his early mornings traveling along the coastline on the Pacific Coast Highway after finishing the night shift at a facility in Malibu. Sam drew from these experiences to conjure up a sound that paints the landscape of California.


Venue Information:
The Mint
6010 Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90035